Listen to carefully analyzed problems from Changemakers and hack solutions for the good of all

If you are concerned, don't just talk about it, hack about it too.

If you are an overly excited hacker who is passionate about technology issues in Ghana or not, join us this December as we hack the hell out of Ghana for good. All skill levels are welcomed as you would be teaming up with other equally passionate people to solve major problems.

Our hackers will be working with changemakers from the community who are working to solve a problem, and have a vision for how technology can help reach their goals.

Our goal is to bring together skilled technologists who want to make a difference, and, organisations that have a social impact, in an environment ideal for collaboration and innovation.

We're always looking for changemakers - if you have an idea or know someone who does, get in touch with us!

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There are no eligibility restrictions - anyone can come out to hack with us!

Just register and get on with us!


  1. Be clear on what technologies you use.
  2. Be sure to give credit to all assists
  3. Codes are very important so make sure they work
  4. Submit on time
  5. Make sure all rules now and future-updated are followed

How to enter

Join as a Hacker or Changemaker

One who accepts gifts of burdensome problems from Change Makers to solve. Hackers, analyze and understand presentation of problems from Change Makers and develop solutions towards solving them.

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Change Maker?
Change Makers simply create problems. They research, analyze, create and present very unique problems as a gift for Hackers to solve.

Problems must be well understood and analyzed enough for a hacker to solve over a short period.

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  1. Register.
  2. Form or join a team,
  3. Get hacking!
  4. Entries must be received by 3:30pm on Sunday, December 31.
  5. Demos start at 4:00pm on December 31.


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Archzilon Eshun-Davies
Qremia Evolution

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Michael Essandoh
K.B.O Support

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Jojoo Imbeah

Judging Criteria

  • Actual work done
    Be sure you submit working codes if you are attending as a hacker.